Donation 03 wheeler

We gave 03 wheeler to an old member of A.D.S. family. He worked with us for more than 19 years. Always we admiring our employees and our MD will try to give good salary and happiness to A.D.S family employees.


IMAG0320.jpg IMAG0296.jpg IMAG0297.jpg IMAG0298.jpg IMAG0299.jpg IMAG0300.jpg IMAG0301.jpg IMAG0302.jpg IMAG0303.jpg IMAG0304.jpg IMAG0305.jpg IMAG0306.jpg IMAG0307.jpg IMAG0308.jpg IMAG0309.jpg IMAG0310.jpg IMAG0311.jpg IMAG0312.jpg IMAG0313.jpg IMAG0314.jpg IMAG0315.jpg IMAG0316.jpg IMAG0317.jpg IMAG0319.jpg

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